Ocean, Island, and Beach Themes

Seascapes and Islandscapes are some of the most colorful and indulging images captured by photographers. I like to take as many photos as possible when I have the opprtunity to leave the desert and visit the ocean. Below you will find an assorment of Ocean and Island images that will transport you away to some fantastic destinations.

Beaches, especially tropical ones, are where so many people want to spend their time, and there’s little mystery as to why. The weather and vibes make it seem like an endless summer where you can bask in the warmth and float on the waves forever. People are generally happier at the beach, even when the dreaded so-called “Beach Contractors” set up what look like permanent refuges for the overindulged and then proceed play their music just a little too loud. I have collected some of my favorite beach shots here and of course they are all for sale at the link embedded in the photo or at the end of the description of each capture.

Looking north from Mendocino Headlands State Park you can see an old lighthouse that marks the rocky shore of the area. I don’t know if this particular lighthouse is still in service but based on the shoreline, there should be something here to warn mariners from getting too close to the rocky surf.

Pacific Blues

We stopped at a scenic overlook along the Pacific Coast Highway and were amazed at the various shades of blue as we watched a fising boat searching for just the right place to drop a few lines. I think this was near Gualala CA (USA), but could have been a little further north.

Just a buoy marking the Big River

We stopped to view the Pacific Ocean at Mendocino Headlands State Park and kept hearing a noise that we couldn’t identify the source of, eventually we realized it was this buoy in Mendocino Bay marking the entrance of the Big River.

A fully rigged ship sailing by neat the beach.

I sat on a Caribbean beach contemplating a life as a beach bum while watching this fully rigged ship pass by near shore and begin planning my life as a sailor who is trying to walk on every warm weather ocean beach in the world. if you are, or just want to be, such an adventurer then maybe you would like to have this print in your home, tiki, or office. You can do just that by clicking the photo or this link. https://fineartamerica.com/featured/fully-rigged-2-david-ragland.html

A beach house near Cabo san Lucas Mexico

Talk about living at the beach… I spotted this three tiki+ beauty just north of the arches at Cabo San Lucas Mexico. If you are into luxury living at the beach or just dreaming about it this might look good on your “office” wall. Just click the photo or to see how many ways you can remind yourself that this is what it means to really live Beach House 315 by David Ragland (pixels.com)

The shells at the beach add such an interesting touch. Did the animal that once lived in the shell exist just offshore, or did this shell ride the currents and tides to arrive here on this beach? You may never know and carrying that same shell home to the Midwest may thoroughly confuse future archeologists trying to figure out where things existed in our century. This shell washed up on a Florida beach between Clearwater and St Pete where I found it still being washed and polished by the surf. If you are a lover of shells and like this photo, you can buy prints and other items featuring it by clicking on the photo or by clicking on this link Shell 3019 by David Ragland (pixels.com)

A tree filled with seashells from the beach resembling a directional device or a windchime.

Sometimes you need to know where you are and if you study this directional aid, you will quickly realize that you are not actually at the beach, where you should be. At least you can see the waves and likely hear the surf, so all is not lost, and you should arrive on the sand in just a few minutes. Since this directional tree is on Barbados, you are never far from a beach. Of course if you would like to have this as a print or on various merchandise you can click on the photo or follow this link To Way to the Beach by David Ragland (pixels.com)

A rocky beach scene from the west side of Barbados.

Many Caribbean islands have a calm side (usually the east) and a rough side (usually the west). On Barbados west coast there are some spectacular “beaches” where you wouldn’t want to swim, but they are very nice to look at and listen to the surf sounds. You can have this print on your home or office wall to remind you that all beaches are beautiful by clicking on the photo or by following this link Barbados 0790-2 by David Ragland (pixels.com)

Barbados is a great place to visit, and I bet it is also a great place to live. This beach is famous for the large, eroded rocks that stand in the surf. There is a nice green lawn leading to a sandy beach and a few restaurants and food vendors nearby. I have visited here twice and had a wonderful time. You can have this print or have one of many different products featuring this scene by clicking on the photo or by following this link Barbados 0876 by David Ragland (pixels.com)

A broken conch shell in the sand wih other shells nearby. You can see the inner structure of the shell.

At the beach normal people often search for perfect shells rejecting the broken ones. I and many others look for interesting shells, and sometimes it’s the broken ones that are the most interesting. On Treasure Island beach on Florida’s Gulf coast, I found this small worn and broken conch shell with a shell sedged inside it. The morning sun pierces the thinnest parts of the shell, and you can see that the pounding of the surf and tumbling with other shells will soon grind this shell into the mixture we call beach sand. If you appreciate the beauty of simple things, you might want to add this print to your collection by either clicking on the photo or by following this link The Shell Within 3097 by David Ragland (pixels.com)

A flock of frigate birds passed by the beach ahead of a tropical storm while I was in Cancun. I always think of Pterodactyls when I see them flying overhead and stare in wonder. I have seen them in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and along the Baja coast of Mexico. I am sure that they are found along almost every ocean’s shoreline. If you are a fan of frigate birds, you can find many décor options at this link – Frigate Birds

The Pitons of St Lucia stand tall against the backdrop of the blue Caribbean and were formed by volcanic activity. They are a World Heritage Site and are located near the town of Soufriere. You can buy prints and other items featuring these two peaks to enjoy in your home or office by clicking here.

Sailing is a way to enjoy the water and bond with nature, providing you are knowledgeable, and the weather cooperates. This vessel is moving along the coast of California and heading into the Port of Los Angeles as the sun sets.Fans of sailboats and sunsets can buy prints and other items featuring this image by clicking here

Parasailing is mostly a vacation activity, and this particular image is based on a photograph taken along the beaches of Cancun. The sand, sea, and boat pale in comparison to the colors of the parasail. You can buy prints and other items featuring this fun activity to enjoy in your home or office by clicking on this link Airtime 065 by David Ragland (pixels.com)

A gentle breeze dances with the palms along this beautiful stretch of a Barbados beach. There is an arch set up for an upcoming wedding and the water is clear and inviting. I took this shot from the hotel balcony as I had arrived the day before and managed to get a significant sunburn in a matter of minutes after arrival. The sun is very strong near the equator, and even if you are from Florida and used to the beach sun, this is a whole other level. You can buy prints and other items featuring this beautiful beach to enjoy in your home or office by clicking on the photo. Barbados 0585 Photograph by David Ragland – Fine Art America

We often encounter shore birds like this Willet at the beach. I photographed this one as it waded in the surf near St. Petersburg Florida. You can buy prints and other items featuring this beautiful bird to enjoy in your home or office by clicking on the photo or this link: Shore Bird 2062 by David Ragland (pixels.com)