I have been writing novels since 2008, beginning under the pseudonym, “Tres Buffalo” then after leaving my day job reverting back to my actual name and republishing my previous books. Most of my stories include adventure, revenge, murder, sex, drugs, and music. The characters are generally composites of people I met while working in hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms. Also, many of the murders, injuries, and drug abuse incidents actually happened, and I was part of the medical efforts and cleanup. Another example of how fiction often imitates life. Now that I live in the American Southwest, the stories have began moving away from Florida and more into the desert. If you have Kindle Unlimited as part of Amazon Prime, you can often read my books for free. I am also working to get my books produced as audiobooks that will be generally available wherever audiobooks are sold. Thank you for visiting my website! Check back often as I am continually adding books and artwork, when I am not writing or out walking the desert looking for interesting photos.

I was an Army medic for eight years and worked in a hospital for two years before that, three of those years were in an emergency room in El Paso, Texas. I have seen firsthand how people with injuries, both physical and mental, can fall into deep rabbit holes like drug abuse and dependency, codependent relationships, and general self-destruction. Matt and Misha represent so many people I met along the way and by writing their story, I hope someone who needs to hear it finds it and it leads them to get the help that they need and is available to them through the VA.

Sometimes you fall into a rabbit hole and other times you dig your own hole to fall into. And very often when you fall into a hole, you just start digging because it feels like you are doing so well where you are.
This is the story of the hole Matt and Misha fell into after injuries sustained during their military service. They found each other and thought that was going to be enough. They thought they were living their best possible life without an end in sight. But in reality, they were slowly falling into a deep hole that harbored both fortune and tragedy.

You can find the Kindle and paperback versions by clicking on the photo or by following this link THE DREAMING MOON – Kindle edition by RAGLAND, DAVID E. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Remember, if you have Kindle Unlimited you likely can read the Kindle version for free so give it a try today.

Audiobook will be available everywhere in early fall of 2023.

Rana generally translates to frog in Spanish and is a genus of amphibians. Since Rana is a serial killer, that is one of the ones killing the other bad people, who likes to dispose of drug kingpins and occasionally others in the Florida swamps, her name fits perfectly. She always acted discreetly and since nobody really seems to care or worry excessively about what becomes of those involved in the illegal drug trade, she never had to worry too much about being caught by the police. In fact, the police never had any reason to suspect a serial killer was operating in the area because they know that drug dealers and their overlords appear and disappear on a regular basis. And, when one dealer disappears, another quickly moves in to fill the vacuum. This system worked well for Rana when I was involved as her handler, but one day she got caught up in a lie that put her in a position where all discretion disappeared, and the body count couldn’t be ignored by law enforcement.

I thought that I was safe, having relocated to the desert southwest, but since I was well aware of Rana and all her activities, it was not too far-fetched that she would be coming for me, and not in a good way. Read along and see how a doctor turned serial killer acts when she is being pursued herself and all bets are off by clicking on the photo or by following this link RANA: The Frog eBook : Ragland, David E: Kindle Store or if you prefer to listen to the audiobook you can follow this link RANA Audiobook

What happens when a woman who suffered great sexual damage decides to reengage in life and sex? In this case she is Irene who bumps into Ed, an asteroseismologist, who had somewhat recently become a widower and they instantly connected. But each had a different idea of the future. Ed was hoping for love and partnership, and she was looking for someone to revive her sexuality and provide an exit from her current life.

Irene had not been sexually active since she had been kidnapped, raped, and shot. Ed’s wife was dead, and he was lost in a work-a-day world that he hoped he could escape thinking Irene would be the person who gave him the impetus to make a change. He loved his job, but you can only hide in your work for so long before the human in you begins yearning for escape.

Follow the adventures of Ed and Irene by clicking the photo or by following this link Song of Her Soul or if you prefer the audiobook click on this link Song of Her Soul Audiobook

The short story Florida Pines is the beginning of Lucena Burning’s tale of death and destruction. As a child, she was called Debbie and she had a good chance of turning out to be a relatively normal person. Her dad was in the military and her mom was a smart adaptive homemaker. Things fell apart quickly when her dad was killed overseas and her mom, unaware of her husband’s death, died in a car wreck. The wreck threw Debbie unconscious into a tree, and she was not found by the police who were trying to clear the scene and get her mom to the hospital as fast as possible. Not long after the accident a group of feral children living in the pines along Interstate 10 in north Florida found Debbie and she became part of the tribe, since she was injured and traumatized. Time passed and the State rounded up the children and quickly lost most of them in the system. After Debbie was suffered long-term abuse by a man that she thought loved her, she became Lucena and went on a revenge rampage that covered most of Florida. You can begin Lucena’s bizarre tale of revenge and murder by clicking on the photo or by following this link Florida Pines