Desert Themes

The desert is not necessarily a vast expanse of sand with very little life. If you have a little patience, you can see a mutitude of birds, lizards, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, insects, coyotes, javalinas, and more.

Wild Horses grazing near Phoenix AZ USA.

A wild horse grazes near Phoenix AZ USA. The recent rains have made some grass available for the wild horse herd.

Monsoon Season 1

Arizona has all four seasons but most only think of the desert. But they seldom think that the desert has a rainy season commonly called monsoon season. The rains are often accompanied by strong lightning and heavy downpours. Here is a piece of art depicting one of these monsoons. If you are storm lover, you can buy this image as a print or as an imprint on various items you probably use on a regular basis by clicking here.

Wandering the Land

I frequently wander miles in the desert looking for interesting things to photograph. This particular cactus caught my eye because of its shadow. I had recently heard a sermon on the adventures of Esau and Jacob from the Old Testament and as soon as I began driving home The Grateful Dead song, “My Brother Esau” came on the radio. You can have this print in your home or office to remind you that redemption is possible for everyone click here.

Phoenix Valley

While atop a local peak I spotted this double saguaro and it set off the view of the Phoenix valley area. With a little editing, I added the waves of heat rising up to the sky. If you enjoy a great desert view you can get a print or other items with this warm view by clicking here.

Desert Bird 2970

The Sonoran desert is full of birds, especially when there are cacti blooms. Here a bird sits on a cactus watching for predators before dipping its curved beak into the flower to get some nectar. After the flower is gone the fruit will ripen and the bird will likely be back to partake in the fruit. If you are a bird fan and want to have a print or other item featuring this bird and cactus, click here.

Even if you live in a desert city like Phoenix, AZ you can still often find places to enjoy nature in relative safety from being lost. Just carry twice the water you think you need and go home before the heat gets you. This view is from a trail on Lookout Mountain in north Phoenix looking north along 16th Street.If you like the view prints and other items featuring this image can be purchased here

Many people enjoy hiking in the desert areas near Phoenix Arizona (USA) and this is just one of the many trails that are either inside the city or along the edges. I find walking these trails very enjoyable for about 9 months of the year and exercise an abundance of caution from June to September when the temperature is often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (~38 C). Look for this art to be available for purchase in the near future.

Unpaved roads are common in the desert. Some of these roads are accessible by the public only on foot, bicycle, or horse. Other roads are fully accessible by vehicles but beware, not all vehicles are suitable for driving on these roads. Loose sand, ruts, rocks, and washouts are common and can destroy an average passenger car very quickly. This particular road is not accessible by the public using vehicles, probably due to the wild burro population living in the area. Look for this art to be available for purchase in the near future.